Transforming Food Systems: Beyond Sustainability (Event)

The Food For Thought and Action series is proud to present its Melbourne public panel, Transforming Food Systems: Beyond Sustainability (get tickets here).

How can we thread together the many food struggles and initiatives to forge a stronger food movement that goes beyond sustainability?

A sustainable food system is not just about on-farm sustainability but a range of wider social and ecological concerns, such as community food security, fair labour practices, equitable access to land and resources, indigenous and refugee rights, ecological health and climate change.

Join a panel of farmers, policy experts, social enterprise leaders and activists for an evening of discussion examining the changing opportunities, challenges and contradictions in the movement to create a healthier and just food system.

Where: CERES Community Environment Park
Cnr Roberts and Stewart Streets
Brunswick East, Vic 3057

When: Monday, Oct 22, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Eric Holt-Giménez, Food First
Sally Ruljancich, CSA Network Australia & New Zealand, Prom Coast Food Collective
Chris Ennis, CERES Fair Food, CERES Fair Wood
Carolyn Suggate, Organic & Regenerative Investment Cooperative

Panel Facilitator:
Eva Perroni, Independent Researcher-Writer


This event is part of the national Food For Thought and Action series, organised by Eva Perroni with support from Future Feeders.

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