Land for Life - Food For Thought and Action Tour - Eva Perroni

Land For Life (Video)

Land for Life - Food For Thought and Action Tour - Eva Perroni

Last year I had the privilege of engaging in an evening of provocative and deeply moving discussion about land, identity and spirituality hosted by Hepburn Relocalisation Network in Daylesford, Victoria, as part of the Food For Thought and Action Tour.
With guest speakers Tammi Jonas of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance, Jaara country speaker and activator Rebecca Phillips, permaculture co-originator and author David Holmgren (author of RetroSuburbia) and US food movement scholar-activist Eric Holt-Gimenez (former Executive Director of Food First) offering insights into how to develop a deep engagement and long-term commitment to regenerative and just land economies.
Through the format of a talking circle, indigenous and non-indigenous communities came together for an evening of sharing food and personal stories to discuss a key theme: What does land mean to them? And, how does it invoke notions of identity, culture and connection?
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Friday Feed

This week: Food First Executive Director, Eric Holt-Giménez, reflects on his two-week tour of Australia, a farm-coal clash in Mudgee, more than $10 billion pledged to save our oceans, and all-you-can-eat food packaging.


Bylong Valley Coal Mine in Mudgee Divides Farmers and Locals During Planning Meeting
ABC Rural
Environmentalists and farmers at an independent planning commission were locked in disagreement over a proposed South Korean-owned coal mine in Bylong Valley, north-east of Mudgee.

Greater Diversification in Farming Needed, Says Professor
The Weekly Times
Agriculture is “the biggest lever humankind can pull” to help successfully address the effects of a changing climate and feed a growing world population, according to University of Melbourne Professor Tim Reeves.

Welcome to Country: Talking Story With the Australian Food Movement
Food First
Food First Executive Director, Eric Holt-Giménez, reflects on his two-week tour of Australia. “What I experienced in Canberra, Daylesford, and in Lismore was what La Via Campesina has called, “un diálogo de saberes.” Literally “a dialogue of different wisdoms,” it refers to our efforts to communicate across different ways of knowing.”

Series: The New Normal? How Climate Change Is Making Droughts Worse
The Guardian
In this four-part series, The Guardian examines the current weather conditions and then puts them in context with other severe droughts in Australia’s history.


$2.7 Billion Deal Opens Madagascar’s Waters to Hundreds of Chinese Fishing Vessels
Earth Island Journal
Critics say agreement is bad for local fishers, that negotiators failed to conduct public consultation or environmental impact statement.

Why Forests Are the Best ‘Technology’ to Stop Climate Change
Opinion: Expanding forests is a much more effective solution to climate change than bioenergy.

All-You-Can-Eat Food Packaging Could Soon Be on the Menu
The Conversation, Canada
In the food industry, conversations about green supply chains focus on compostable and even edible solutions. Plenty of technologies exist.

Soil and Seaweed: Farming Our Way to a Climate Solution
Scientific American
We can sequester carbon and improve our nutrition through regenerative farming of land and sea.

Fifth Our Ocean Conference Generates US$10.7 Billion in Pledges
SDG Knowledge Hub
The fifth Our Ocean Conference generated 305 commitments to maintain the sustainability of our oceans. The US$10.7 billion in pledges represent commitments from a wide range of actors, with governments, non-governmental organizations and the corporate sector announcing the majority of the commitments.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

Part of the Food For Thought and Action series co-organised by Eva Perroni and Future Feeders.

A Foodies Guide to Capitalism (Event)

Very excited to announce this regional event in Brunswick Heads as part of the national Food For Thought and Action series: A Foodies Guide to Capitalism (get tickets here).

Join Kate Walsh from Real Food Projects for a special night with leading food systems expert and author of A Foodie’s Guide to Capitalism Eric Holt-Gimenez as he discusses the opportunities and challenges in bringing together farmers, food-workers, food citizens and activists to galvanise the global food movement.

When: Wednesday, October 24, 6PM – 9PM

Where: Brunswick Picture House

30 Fingal St, Brunswick Heads, New South Wales 2483


This event is generously sponsored by Santos Organics, Brookfarm and Byron Bay Farmers Markets.

Eva Perroni is an Australian-based researcher and writer reporting on the frontline of food and farming issues.

The New Environmentalism: food, environmental & political activism (Event)

The Food For Thought and Action series is proud to present its Lismore public panel, New Environmentalism: food, environmental & political activism, hosted by Southern Cross University Arts and Social Sciences Community Engagement (register here).

How can we foster a culture of collective activism to address society’s most pressing environmental and social issues?

The growing links between the environment, health, food security, poverty and social justice reflect an emerging understanding of the structural forces that negatively impact people, health and the environment. How can we thread together seemingly disparate initiatives and social movements to create the sustained social pressure and political will necessary for transformative change?

Join me with panel guests international food systems expert, agroecologist and author Eric Holt Gimenez, Executive Director Food First, former Australian politician and environmental activist Ian Cohen and food activist and local farmer Joel Orchard, to discuss the opportunities and challenges in building a powerful, unified movement for progressive change.

Thursday, October 25 at 6 PM – 7:30 PM
Lismore Regional Gallery
11 Rural St, Lismore, New South Wales 2480

We hope to see you there!

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Bringing Together People, Food and Planet: a better food system, an event part of the Food For Thought and Action series.

Bringing Together People, Food and Planet: a better food system (Event)

The Food For Thought and Action series is proud to present its Canberra public panel, Bringing Together People, Food and Planet: a better food system (get tickets here).

Join us for an evening of thought-provoking discussion with Lyneham Commons, Dr Charles Massy and Dr Eric Holt-Gimenez.

You may have heard people say “our food system is broken”. But is it? Or is it, in fact, performing entirely to specifications – albeit at great environmental, social and cultural cost?

Hear interesting perspectives at the local, national and international level about a new future for food and farming, challenging the assumptions and models of the ‘industrial’ food system.

On Thursday 18 October 2018 at 7:00pm

Where: Renewables Innovation Hub
19-23 Moore St, Turner, ACT 2602

Hosted by Slow Food Canberra Capital and Country Convivium.

Photo thanks to Wynlen House Urban Micro Farm, Braidwood