Friday Feed by Eva Perroni: an Australian-based researcher and writer reporting on the frontline of food and farming issues

Friday Feed

This week: Australia’s live export regulation review, farming and agriculture in the age of Trump, the environmental impact of Brexit and can the ocean really be cleaned up?


Live Export Review Implementation Has Some Graziers Saying They’re Being ‘Regulated out of Existence’
ABC Rural
Big changes to the regulation of live sheep and cattle export voyages signalled this week in the release of a comprehensive Federal Government review have drawn mixed reactions from industry and animal welfare groups.

How Will Australia Feed Our Growing Population?
The Age
In broad-ranging conversation, a special panel line-up explored food waste, genetically modified crops, veganism, obesity, a sugar tax, organic farming – and a host of other issues. Whose job it is to ensure we grow the right foods sustainably in Australia?

Plastic Pollution: Can the Ocean Really Be Cleaned Up?
The Guardian
While the ultimate goal is to stop plastics from entering the water in the first place, cleanup projects play an important role.

Salmonella Egg Recall a Reminder About Hygiene but Not Cause for Panic, Scientist Says
ABC Rural
The recall of hundreds of thousands of eggs due to the detection of salmonella should not prompt panic, but should serve as a reminder for Australians to adopt proper food hygiene practices, according to a researcher.


Farming and Agriculture in the Age of Trump
The American Interest
As is the case elsewhere these days, corporate interests are in, worker safety, environmental stewardship, fairness, common sense, and facts are out.

The Environmental Impact of Brexit
The Ecologist
With two-thirds of EU regulatory environmental protections already enshrined in UK law, is farming really in danger from Brexit?

Asia Prepares for Crop Battle with Fall Armyworm
UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization warns pest is “here to stay” – but it can be managed to limit damage.

Weedkiller Glyphosate a ‘Substantial’ Cancer Factor
BBC News
A US jury has found that one of the world’s most widely-used weedkillers was a “substantial factor” in causing a man’s cancer.

In Ethiopia, Women and Faith Drive Effort to Restore Biodiversity
Firewood and charcoal make up nearly 90 percent of household energy consumption in Ethiopia, where the reliance on fuelwood has endured despite negative environmental impacts and unsustainable growth.

Eva Perroni is an Australian-based researcher and writer reporting on the frontline of food and farming issues.

Friday Feed

This week: Could Australia’s first Modern Slavery Act help stamp out slave labour from seafood supply chains, saving Japan’s seed heritage, and the impact of targeted vegan campaigns on livestock farmers’ mental health.


A Warning for Wine-Lovers: Climate Change Is Messing with Your Favourite Tipple’s Timing
The Conversation
Record-breaking daily maximum temperatures, warmer than average overnight temperatures, and increasingly erratic weather patterns are playing havoc with the way wine grapes grow and ripen.

Dairy Industry Welcomes NSW Election Commitments but Warn of Ongoing ‘Deregulation Disaster’
ABC Rural
Dairy farmers have welcomed a commitment from both sides of politics ahead of the NSW election, but some fear it will not be enough to address “systemic problems” they say were caused by industry deregulation.

Fish Sold in Australia Being Caught by Modern-Day Slaves Who Are Forced to Spend Months at Sea
ABC Rural
Australian fishmongers and academics are hoping the introduction of Australia’s first Modern Slavery Act will help stamp out slave labour from our seafood supply chains.

Lab-Grown Meat and Ancient Grains – What Will Be on the Menu in 2050?
Sydney Morning Herald
By 2050, Australians will be eating less of the classic meat-and-three-veg and more foods produced to suit our rapidly changing world – such as lab-grown meat, rooftop-grown tomatoes and fermented soy products rich in protein.


Online Abuse and Farm Protests: The Vegans Impacting on Farmers’ Mental Health
Sustainable Food Trust
As part of an ongoing series exploring the debate around what constitutes a healthy and sustainable diet in which we are featuring different outside perspectives, Jessica Brown looks at the impact targeted vegan campaigns are having on individual livestock farmers.

How America’s Food Giants Swallowed the Family Farms
The Guardian
Across the midwest, the rise of factory farming is destroying rural communities. And the massive corporations behind this devastation are now eyeing a post-Brexit UK market.

Is Singapore’s Decades-Long Shift Away from Agriculture About to Take a U-Turn?
Channel NewsAsia
More calls for renascent food production and processing sector in Singapore have been made to encourage increased production for food security but also as a potential value-adding sector which could foster new livelihoods.

How Farm Policy and Big Ag Impact Farmers in the U.S. and Abroad
Civil Eats

In his new book, Eating Tomorrow: Agribusiness, Family Farmers, and the Battle for the Future of Food, Wise explores the ways in which U.S. food and agricultural policies can distort global markets and impact communities around the world.

Long form: Saving Japan’s Seed Heritage from “Free Trade”
A broad “Coalition to Protect Japanese Seeds” has been formed by food coops, citizens’ groups, NGOs and farmers to issue ordinances that protect Japan’s native seeds, in the absence of adequate national laws.


Image courtesy of Future Feeders

Friday Feed by Eva Perroni, bringing you the latest food and agriculture news from Australia and abroad.

Friday Feed

It’s admittedly been a while between drinks. But Friday Feed is back for 2019 with a weekly dose of the latest food and farming research, news and feelgood features from Australia and around the globe.

This week: National Regenerative Agriculture Day launches in Australia, why we need to build awareness of native and indigenous Australian food, new study finds that just four crops are dominating farms globally and how does the EAT-Lancet diet pan out in practice?


The Big Dry: Feeding the Future – National Regenerative Agriculture Day
Illawarra Mercury
A nationwide challenge has begun to spend Valentine’s Day sending love to farmers with a regenerative twist. It’s called National Regenerative Agriculture Day and it’s hijacking February 14.

Shark Bay: A World Heritage Site at Catastrophic Risk
The Conversation
Everyone knows the Great Barrier Reef is in peril. But a continent away, Western Australia’s Shark Bay is also threatened by marine heatwaves that could alter this World Heritage ecosystem forever.

Cream of the Crop: Innovation and Resilience a Key Crop in the Future Generation of Farmers
ABC Rural
If adaptation is the key to evolution, our next generation of farmers could be up to the challenge. These four young regional famers are already tackling some big challenges through innovation and adaptation.

Aboriginal Foodways: Towards a Return of Native Food in Australia
Sustainable Food Trust
In Australia, as a ‘foodie’, cosmopolitan and multicultural society that wholeheartedly embraces ethnic cuisines from around the world, Australians remain surprisingly unaware about what is native and indigenous Australian food.


Why Are Insects in Decline, and Can We Do Anything About It?
The Guardian
Answers to key questions about the global insect collapse.

Italian Farmers Destroy Milk in Protest Over Falling Prices
Farmers and shepherds on the Italian island of Sardinia have been pouring their milk away, saying they would rather destroy it than sell it for next to nothing.

A Very Small Number of Crops Are Dominating Globally: That’s Bad News for Sustainable Agriculture
Science Daily
A new study finds that globally we are growing more of the same kinds of crops, and this presents major challenges for agricultural sustainability on a global scale.

To Fight Deforestation First Tackle Inequality, Study Says
The world is losing its tropical forests at an alarming rate, despite increased efforts to save them. A recent study now shows that the best way to tackle deforestation, at least in Latin America, is to reduce inequality.

Eat-Lancet Says You Can Save the Planet on Its Diet. I Tried It for a Week
The New Food Economy

We know the broad strokes: Less meat, more beans. But true sustainability also means considering the practical realities of eating.


Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

Friday Feed

This week: New migrant visa deal for food and farm jobs in Victoria, Costco’s 100 million chicken experiment, Cadbury dairy milk bars may become a thing of the past and the latest country rankings in the 2018 Food Sustainability Index.


New Migrant Visa Deal for Food, Farm Jobs a Pathway to Permanent Residency
ABC News
Victoria’s south-west is the first region outside the Northern Territory to receive the five-year Designated Area Migration Agreement (DAMA) to ease a workforce shortage, particularly in food processing, agriculture and hospitality.

Algae Entrepreneurs: Today’s Science Students, Tomorrow’s Food Security Experts
Sydney Morning Herald
You don’t need to own land or have a farming background to get into food. Sustainable agriculture and food security are so much bigger than that – and so small it includes microalgae.

The Suburbs Are the Spiritual Home of Overconsumption. but They Also Hold the Key to a Better Future
The Conversation
The average consumerist suburban lifestyle is unsustainable. But what if affluent suburbanites and battlers alike ditch the rat race and embrace economic ‘degrowth’? Here’s how it might unfold.

Opinion: Five Things You Need to Know About Drought
Queensland Country Life
While the outpouring of support for farmers has been largely welcome, most farmers would trade the kindness in a heartbeat for a better understanding of what they do, year in, year out.


Costco’s 100 Million Chickens Will Change the Face of Nebraska
Civil Eats
The state has paved the way for Costco’s experiment in extreme vertical integration for years. But farmers and activists brought together in opposition envision another way forward.

EU Launches Knowledge Centre for Global Food and Nutrition Security
European Commission
Led by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, the new platform will serve as a reference point for scientific data and publicly-accessible briefings, interactive maps, databases and reports aimed at identifying priority areas for EC action.

Cadbury’s Stark Warning: Radical Action Needed to Keep the Chocolate Flowing
Cadbury has warned Dairy Milk bars could become a thing of the past if radical action isn’t taken soon.

Palm Oil Is Unavoidable. Can It Be Sustainable?
National Geographic
Our appetite for the oil hurts the environment and wildlife. But Gabon hopes to show how to build an industry while protecting its forests.

Report: 2018 Food Sustainability Index
Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition
The Food Sustainability Index ranks 67 countries on food system sustainability. It is a quantitative and qualitative benchmarking model that measures the sustainability of food systems across three categories: Food Loss and Waste, Sustainable Agriculture and Nutritional Challenges.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders

Eva Perroni is an Australian-based researcher and writer reporting on the frontline of food and farming issues.

Friday Feed

This week: Supermarkets to implement #drought levy on milk, the UK launches its People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, McDonald’s workers say #MeToo in unprecedented strike and global #hunger rises for third year in a row.


Drought-Stricken Farmers Challenge Coalition’s Climate Change Stance in TV Ad
The Guardian
The 30-second ad will begin airing on commercial channels this week and will be beamed into politically important suburban areas of Australia’s three largest capital cities during the NRL grand final on 30 September.

Embattled Dairy Farmer’s Social Post Gets Supermarkets to Implement 10-Cent Drought Levy on Milk
ABC Rural
Woolworths has responded to calls from the dairy industry by announcing it will increase the price of its milk by 10 cents a litre as part of a new special drought relief milk range.

Former Activist and Scholars Drive Re-Think on Genetically Modified Crops
ABC News
South Australia has announced an independent review into the state’s moratorium on genetically modified (GM) crops.

Applications For the evokeAG Future Young Leaders Program Are Now Open
The Inverell Times
As part of a commitment to celebrating the diversity of thought, the evokeAG Future Young Leaders Program will identify 10 emerging thought leaders within the agriculture and food industries in Australia and New Zealand.


Chris Packham Launches People’s Manifesto for Wildlife
The Guardian
Replanting hedgerows, including birdboxes on all new-build homes, rewilding uplands and an end to seal culling: these are among demands of the People’s Manifesto for Wildlife, a new initiative aimed at halting the drastic decline in British wildlife.

McDonald’s Workers Say #MeToo in Unprecedented Strike
The New Food Economy
The fast-food company’s business model makes it easy to deflect responsibility for sexual harassment. In protest, women employees across multiple states are walking off the job.

Microplastics Are Getting into Mosquitoes and Contaminating New Food Chains
The Conversation
New research shows that microplastics are getting into tiny flying insects such as mosquitoes. And this means the plastic can eventually contaminate animals in a more unlikely environment: the air.

Connect the Dots: Cerrado Soy Drives Inequality to Provide EU with Chicken

Soy monocultures meet forest long utilized by traditional communities in the Campos Lindos region. Large-scale soy growers have claimed this forest as their “legal reserve,” creating strict limitations on how it can be used by traditional families residing within.

UN Report: Global Hunger Rises for Third Year in a Row
SDG Knowledge Hub
The 2018 ‘State of the World Food Security and Nutrition’ report shows that the world is not on track towards achieving zero hunger. Most other indicators of malnutrition, including childhood wasting, overweight and obesity, are either stagnating or moving in the wrong direction.


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