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Friday Feed

This week: Australia’s live export regulation review, farming and agriculture in the age of Trump, the environmental impact of Brexit and can the ocean really be cleaned up?


Live Export Review Implementation Has Some Graziers Saying They’re Being ‘Regulated out of Existence’
ABC Rural
Big changes to the regulation of live sheep and cattle export voyages signalled this week in the release of a comprehensive Federal Government review have drawn mixed reactions from industry and animal welfare groups.

How Will Australia Feed Our Growing Population?
The Age
In broad-ranging conversation, a special panel line-up explored food waste, genetically modified crops, veganism, obesity, a sugar tax, organic farming – and a host of other issues. Whose job it is to ensure we grow the right foods sustainably in Australia?

Plastic Pollution: Can the Ocean Really Be Cleaned Up?
The Guardian
While the ultimate goal is to stop plastics from entering the water in the first place, cleanup projects play an important role.

Salmonella Egg Recall a Reminder About Hygiene but Not Cause for Panic, Scientist Says
ABC Rural
The recall of hundreds of thousands of eggs due to the detection of salmonella should not prompt panic, but should serve as a reminder for Australians to adopt proper food hygiene practices, according to a researcher.


Farming and Agriculture in the Age of Trump
The American Interest
As is the case elsewhere these days, corporate interests are in, worker safety, environmental stewardship, fairness, common sense, and facts are out.

The Environmental Impact of Brexit
The Ecologist
With two-thirds of EU regulatory environmental protections already enshrined in UK law, is farming really in danger from Brexit?

Asia Prepares for Crop Battle with Fall Armyworm
UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization warns pest is “here to stay” – but it can be managed to limit damage.

Weedkiller Glyphosate a ‘Substantial’ Cancer Factor
BBC News
A US jury has found that one of the world’s most widely-used weedkillers was a “substantial factor” in causing a man’s cancer.

In Ethiopia, Women and Faith Drive Effort to Restore Biodiversity
Firewood and charcoal make up nearly 90 percent of household energy consumption in Ethiopia, where the reliance on fuelwood has endured despite negative environmental impacts and unsustainable growth.

Land For Life (Event)

Very excited to announce this regional event in Daylesford, Victoria hosted by Hepburn Relocalisation Network as part of the national Food For Thought and Action series: Land for Life (tickets $5 and available at door).

Join us for an evening of discussion with Jaara country speaker and activator Rebecca Phillips, permaculture co-originator and author David Holmgren (author of Retrosuburbia) and US food movement scholar-activist Eric Holt-Gimenez (author of A Foodies Guide to Capitalism) as they offer insights into how to develop a deep engagement and long-term commitment to regenerative and just land economies.

Land for Life_web

Friday Feed by Eva Perroni bringing you the latest food and farming news from Australia and abroad.

Friday Feed

This week: ⅕ Australian honey samples prove fake, France adopts a “field-to-fork” law, Brazil protects 13,000 square kms from destructive bottom trawling and global indigenous peoples make their voices heard at the Global Climate Action Summit.


Almost One in Five Australian Honey Samples Found to Be Fake
ABC News
Almost one in five Australian honey samples, including some expensive boutique honey, are fake, according to a ground-breaking study that tested samples of local and international branded honey.

Backpackers Share Australian Farm Horror Stories
ABC News
In order to stay a second year in Australia, backpackers need to do 88 days of work either on a farm, in construction or in mining. Some have horror stories to tell.

Small Farm Success Is Hard Yakka for Beginners, but It Has Its Own Rewards
Newcastle Herald
Anna Featherstone and her husband Andrew Campbell have published two books, Honey Farm Dreaming, a very personal memoir of anecdotes and observations, and Small Farm Success Australia, a combination business and lifestyle guide, that reflect on their decade-plus experience as small farmers.

Event: Women in Environmental Activism: Conversations and Networking, Canberra
Join Women’s Environmental Leadership Australia – WELA and guest speakers Julie Armstrong and Phoebe Howe for a night of insights into their experience of being a woman in the environmental activism sphere.


France Adopts Food Bill, Retailer Says Will Lead to Price Rise
France’s parliament gave final approval this week to a “field-to-fork” law aimed at raising farmers’ income, improving food quality and fighting waste, but opponents say it will push up consumer prices and only benefit retailers.

Victory in Brazil Protects 13,000 Square Kilometers from Destructive Bottom Trawling
The state of Rio Grande do Sul has passed a law to ban bottom trawling in state waters. These new protections extend along the entire length of the state’s 620-kilometre coast and cover a distance out to 12 nautical miles (22.2 km) from shore.

Cleaning up Toxic Soils in China: A Trillion-Dollar Question
International Institute for Sustainable Development
China has enacted a Soil Pollution Prevention and Control Law outlining preventative measures government authorities and land users should take to protect soil from future pollution.

‘We’ve Bred Them to Their Limit’: Death Rates Surge for Female Pigs in the US
The Guardian

With sows producing 23 piglets a year on average, intensive farming is called into question over the rise in animals suffering prolapse.

‘Guardians of the Forest:’ Indigenous Peoples Come Together to Assert Role in Climate Stability
A half mile from the din of the Global Climate Action Summit and its 4,000 attendees in San Francisco, indigenous peoples from around the world came together in a small space for a summit of their own.

Friday Feed by Eva Perroni, bringing you the latest food and agriculture news from Australia and abroad.

Friday Feed

This Week: Strengthening Australia’s environmental protections during drought, Holland’s floating dairy farm (run by robots), New Zealand’s new – and massive – ocean sanctuary and how NAFTA has disrupted Mexican agriculture and foodways.


We Must Strengthen, Not Weaken, Environmental Protections During Drought – or Face Irreversible Loss
The Conversation
Subverting or weakening existing protective conservation management practices and policies will exacerbate the impacts of drought on natural environments and biodiversity.

Push for Women to Consider Career in Dairy Despite Ongoing Drought, Milk Price Pressures
ABC Rural
Women are being encouraged to consider a career on the land despite the industry being in crisis as it continues to struggle through the worst drought in living memory.

Could Green Tea Be Australia’s Next Big Export?
SBS News
Green tea has been part of Japanese culture for centuries. Now, Australian farmers are harvesting the crop to meet Asia’s rising demand.

Building Food Utopias: Amplifying Voices, Dismantling Power
Sydney Environment Institute
As the number of food movement groups promoting different, yet overlapping, food and agriculture solutions continue to increase, it is essential that they include not only the voices of people from diverse backgrounds but their leadership, too.


Malaysia’s Zero Deforestation Pledge: More Greenwashing or a Signal of Real Change?
Earth Island Journal
A new Greenpeace report on clearcutting by palm oil groups underscores how practice persists in tropical forests.

Holland’s ‘Floating Farm’ Showcases Urban Agriculture
Beef Central
A Dutch company is launching the world’s first floating farm to meet demand for local food. The farm, built as an offshore facility in Rotterdam’s Merwehaven harbour will house 40 cows and deliver 800 litres of milk per day collected by robots.

New Zealand’s New Ocean Sanctuary Will Be One of World’s Largest Protected Areas
The Guardian
The Kermadec ocean sanctuary, in the South Pacific and spanning 620,000 sq km, expands an existing reserve surrounding the Kermadec Islands

Evidence of 7,200-Year-Old Cheese-Making Found on the Dalmatian Coast
Science Daily
Analysis of fatty residue in pottery from the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia revealed evidence of fermented dairy products — soft cheeses and yogurts — from about 7,200 years ago.

From Diabetes to Displacement: How NAFTA Disrupted Mexican Agriculture, Food, and Health
The New Food Economy
Alyshia Gálvez, author of Eating NAFTA, took us to La Morada in the Bronx—using the ingredients in a traditional Oaxacan meal to demonstrate how a free trade agreement forever changed Mexican people and cuisine.

Photo courtesy of Future Feeders.

Transforming Food Systems: Beyond Sustainability. Part of the national Food For Thought and Action series, organised by Eva Perroni with support from Future Feeders.

Transforming Food Systems: Beyond Sustainability (Event)

The Food For Thought and Action series is proud to present its Melbourne public panel, Transforming Food Systems: Beyond Sustainability (get tickets here).

How can we thread together the many food struggles and initiatives to forge a stronger food movement that goes beyond sustainability?

A sustainable food system is not just about on-farm sustainability but a range of wider social and ecological concerns, such as community food security, fair labour practices, equitable access to land and resources, indigenous and refugee rights, ecological health and climate change.

Join a panel of farmers, policy experts, social enterprise leaders and activists for an evening of discussion examining the changing opportunities, challenges and contradictions in the movement to create a healthier and just food system.

Where: CERES Community Environment Park
Cnr Roberts and Stewart Streets
Brunswick East, Vic 3057

When: Monday, Oct 22, 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Eric Holt-Giménez, Food First
Sally Ruljancich, CSA Network Australia & New Zealand, Prom Coast Food Collective
Chris Ennis, CERES Fair Food, CERES Fair Wood
Carolyn Suggate, Organic & Regenerative Investment Cooperative

Panel Facilitator:
Eva Perroni, Independent Researcher-Writer


This event is part of the national Food For Thought and Action series, organised by Eva Perroni with support from Future Feeders.